Drank Tank ~ Libations & Fun


Our Brews

The richest dark-roasted beans from Ethiopia and Guatemala. Finely ground and slow-filtered cold for the richest taste experience ...to be had from an vintage '64 Truckster, or really anywhere else.   This is a fact.

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Chai & Yerba Mate

Yerba mate blended with berry or stone fruit. Chai with organic sugar, whole organic milk and spices as is deliciously appropriate.  The stuff you go out of your way to find, yet, miraculously, it all comes right to you.

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Kombucha Teas

Our beloved source, Kombucha Bob, is right here in Plain City, and his products can be found throughout Central Ohio. This fermented tea has been a local favorite for years. If you're a fan of wine or beer, there is a good chance you will love the taste of these fabulous kombucha teas!

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The Drank Tank Truckster:

We show up with a smile.  We get our delicious, locally sourced, and lovingly crafted cold-brewed coffee concoctions into your hands.  Simple and pure.  For those into lighter aromatics, sample our organic herbal kombucha teas, and yerba mate specialties, all intended to help you better enjoy the day.  Serving with many a smile from our modified 1964 Truckster, we are always quick to share free samples, and always keep plenty of cold water for sun drenched travelers and their canine companions.


After the event:

A wise philosophy once taught that we act in accordance to that which sustains us.  We're thankful for the opportunity to add something special to your event.  We respect the environment, and do our part to recycle.  Working to keep our green spaces vast, and our towns beautiful.


Next Steps...

Contact us for you next event or to get a copy of the Tank Truckster's travel schedule.  Great for festivals and outdoor gatherings.